VDL KTI participates in VOKA Open Company Day

When : Sunday, 6 October 2019 10am-5pm

Where : VDL KTI, Nijverheidsstraat 10, 2400 Mol, Belgium

What is VOKA Open Company Day?

Every first Sunday of October, since 1991, hundreds of companies from the most diverse sectors in Flanders and in Brussels are opening their doors to the general public. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, the VOKA Open Company Day has become one of the traditions in Flanders, Belgium.

Why do VDL KTI participate?

Have you ever seen a giant steel construction of 80 meters long produced? Curious about how we can weld a 20 cm thick metal? Or how a piece of 25 tons is machined? VDL KTI has many years of experience in designing and producing high-quality equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, high-voltage pylons and much more specifically tailored to the customers.

Today VDL KTI is recognized as a reliable production partner that contributes to projects all over the world. We are proud of our company where the family aspect, strength through cooperation, comes first and wish to share this with the general public. We would like to show you what we are doing every day: from our working environment to our employees; from the production process to the end products.

VDL KTI is always looking for new colleagues (engineers, foremen, fitters and welders ...). Come and have a look, maybe you become our future coworker!