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VDL KTI has developed its expertise in metal fabrication for more than 50 years. By means of continuous investment in advanced machinery and staff training, VDL KTI maintains high-level capabilities in-house. Our professional teams possess the extensive knowledge and ability to provide excellent quality products and services to meet the client specifications, international codes and standards. We transform your demands into design and products : whether it be long-term projects, custom metal machining, or merely engineering, all delivered on time and to perfection.

VDL KTI’s project managers communicate directly with our clients and coordinate all the activities needed for a sound delivery. Our strength lies in great teamwork :  project management, engineering, purchasing, production, quality assurance & quality control, prevention, sales and administration work closely together to achieve outstanding results.

Interview story : We do absolutely everything in-house

VDL KTI is a one-stop shop : it has all the necessary production facilities, from cutting, rolling and machining the base materials to blasting, metallizing and painting for the final treatment.

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Interview story : Welders are the heart of our company

VDL KTI specialises in high-quality welding using premium-grade materials for the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

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