Based in Belgium, active globally

With our diverse product range and service package, VDL KTI is a reliable and reputable partner for leading companies in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, as well as other markets throughout Europe and worldwide. From large equipment to semi-finished parts, we design and produce top quality components in a cost effective manner.

Oil, gas and petrochemical

VDL KTI has specialist knowledge in an extensive range of products and production techniques in these industries. 

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VDL KTI is a partner in the manufacturing of Wintrack, an innovative high voltage pylon design that reduces electromagnetic radiation and appears less obtrusive in the landscape. 

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Special constructions

We are always open for special constructions. For example we make scrubbers for VDL AEC Maritime and heligrids-cooperate with IV Industry.

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Whether it is for the machining of semi-finished parts or the construction of complete structures, VDL KTI is a valued partner for manufacturers of high quality equipment.

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45+ years of expertise in metal working