Based in Belgium, active globally

Based upon our numerous successful projects in the past, VDL KTI is proven to be a reliable, professional production partner for both short-term and long-term tasks. With our diverse product range and service packages, VDL KTI works closely with leading companies in various industries throughout Europe and worldwide. From large equipment to special custom-made constructions, from the machining of semi-finished parts to the construction of complete structures, we design and supply top-quality products in a cost-effective manner..

With our customer-oriented approach, VDL KTI is committed not only to provide consistent, high-quality products, but also to support its clients from the engineering service to the transportation and after sales service. By creating short communication lines with our customers, VDL KTI and its lean project management system are able to counter issues in an effective manner.

Oil, gas and petrochemical

VDL KTI has specialist knowledge in an extensive range of products and production techniques in these industries. 

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VDL KTI is a partner in the manufacturing of Wintrack, an innovative high voltage pylon design that reduces electromagnetic radiation and appears less obtrusive in the landscape. 

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Special custom-made constructions

We are always ready for special custom-made constructions. For example we manufacture scrubbers for VDL AEC Maritime and heligrids for IV Industry.

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Whether it is for the machining of semi-finished parts or the construction of complete structures, VDL KTI supplies the best and most reliable manufacturing solutions.

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