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VDL KTI, a member of VDL Groep, specializes in engineering and production of equipment for the oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries since 1971. In addition, the company is active in various sectors such as power & electricity, shipbuilding and defense industries (our references). Certified by the highest international codes and standards, VDL KTI is devoted to provide high quality and reliable manufacturing solutions.


67000 m2
Total Area
27000 m2
Production Facility
100 +
50 +
Years of Experience

VDL KTI featured in “Doing Business With” Magazine!

We are honored that the multimedia magazine “Doing business with” featured our company in their print and online edition. There’re in-depth interviews with our management team, practical cases about our cooperation with our customers and business partners and insightful articles about future trends in the sector. It comes with both English & Dutch version. Make sure to check it out! 


VDL KTI, proud to be a member of VDL Heat Exchanger Group

VDL KTI voted "Best VDL Company of 2018"

VDL KTI has been voted “Best VDL Company of 2018” in the small business category among 102 VDL companies by all VDL directors from 20 countries.

The President & CEO of VDL Groep, Willem van der Leegte: “VDL KTI is a reliable and flexible production partner that works closely with world-class companies. Craftsmanship and creativity is what characterizes you. Congratulations to all of you and to the future! "

The President & CEO of VDL Groep, Willem van der Leegte(right) has awarded the prize to our former Managing Director William van Hout(left) and celebrated together with all VDL KTI coworkers.




It's very nice to contribute to products with a certain level of difficulty.

Claude Bourgeois - Welding Foreman


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We do absolutely everything in-house

Dorus van Leeuwen - Managing Director


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We strive to play an active role across a wide range of industries

Simon Jacobs - Commercial Director

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We scanned the entire system on site in 3D and recreated it at our plant.

Bert Van Riel - Head of Project Management Department


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