VDL KTI, a member of VDL Groep, is an engineering-supported manufacturer based in Belgium. With 2 premises, Mol and Arendonk, VDL KTI has a total area of 67,000 m² and more than 130 employees. The company was established in 1973 as KTI Belgium and has built a solid reputation throughout the years as a dedicated manufacturing partner in oil, gas and petrochemical industry and other industries throughout Europe and worldwide.

Initially, VDL KTI specialized in design and production of process equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industry. After its take-over by VDL Groep in 2000, the company was renamed VDL KTI and has expanded its portfolio to include pylons, special constructions such as scrubbers and heligrids, and machining for semi-finished parts or the construction of complete structures.

Today, VDL KTI is recognized as a reliable manufacturing partner and collaborates closely with world-class companies (check out our references). By continue to strive for excellence, VDL KTI is certified by the highest international codes and standards, including ISO 9001, EN1090, ASME, etc (discover our certificates). 

Strength through cooperation