As a reliable and professional production partner for engineering and metal manufacturing, VDL KTI works closely with world-class companies across a variety of industries. Here are some examples of our customers.

Interview story : A product that ticked all the boxes and was technically perfect

VDL KTI has successfully worked on numerous exciting projects for customers, including Europe's largest refinery, Shell Pernis.

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Interview story : Wintrack pylon : a high-grade, fully coated high-voltage pylon

VDL KTI continuouly invests in the development of new products, such as the new high-voltage pylons that reach 60 to 80 metres in the air.

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Interview story : Successful scrubbers

VDL KTI has been building marine scrubbers for supertankers and ferries ever since 2013. A scrubber is placed inside a ship's funnel. The technology reduces sulphur emissions by using seawater to remove SOx particles from exhaust gases.

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Interview story : Helicopter landing grid

VDL KTI also produces Helicopter Landing Grids, known as HLG's, which are high-tech, niche products. An HLG is a large, round platform measuring nearly 3 metres in diameter that you see on the stern of Navy frigates or supply ships.

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