Whether it is for the machining of semi-finished parts or the construction of complete structures, VDL KTI provides CNC milling/ turning/ drilling services and is a valued partner for manufacturers of high quality equipment. Here are a few examples.

Wind energy

To keep the rotor facing into the wind as the wind direction changes, wind turbines are equipped with a yaw system. For large wind turbines VDL KTI machines the yaw base that houses between the nacelle and the tower.

Machined parts

With the combination of expertise and unique machining facilities, VDL KTI has machined a variety of large and heavy products that meet the strictest requirements for oil & gas, and mineral extraction.

Ship propulsion system

From bearings of conventional propeller shafts to modern ship propulsion systems: VDL KTI has offered its services to a number of well known companies in the shipbuilding industry.