Meta Swinnen (Receptionist/HR Support)

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Meta Swinnen has been working at VDL KTI since 2017. Meta started at VDL KTI as a receptionist and in the past two years administrative and HR tasks have been added to her job responsibilities.

Job interview

"In 2016, I got the opportunity to go to a job interview at VDL KTI via an employment agency. I used to work as an assistant at a baby shop, so this was completely different for me. It actually took some time getting used to it. Where I had a lot of responsibilities at the baby shop, I initially had to look for more work at VDL KTI. Fortunately, everything worked out all right, because besides working at the reception, I also do a lot of administrative tasks now, such as entering and checking hours and invoices, and HR tasks. You could say that I created my own job."


"I now have a lot of variety and a lot of responsibilities at work. In addition, I have a lot of contact with my colleagues and external parties. Very nice, because I like to be among people. And HR is, of course, working for people and with people. That's the part I like the most. Besides the substantive part, I think it's important to be involved with VDL KTI in a different way. That's why I joined our staff association. We organise fishing competitions, bike rides, drinks and every year we make a day trip. This year we are going to the port of Antwerp where we get a guided tour. Of course we will end the day trip with a dinner."

Splitting up

"I sometimes feel like I have to split up because I'm doing so many things at once. That's sometimes the downside of a lot of different tasks. But actually it's typical Meta: being busy with everything and being very enthusiastic about every task. On top of that, I sometimes find it difficult to say no and I want to do everything as well as possible. I am eager to learn, but most importantly: I want to keep developing myself."

Five years

"Where will I be in five years? I don't know, I think that's a tricky question. The question is, of course, whether there is more work within VDL KTI that I can do. I like to work here, because the atmosphere here is pleasant. Every colleague is on the same wavelength, and our director is always approachable and has a very nice, relaxed attitude. I do hope to be able to focus even more on HR. In the evening I am following a training course in social legislation."

Author interview: Joëlle van den Heuvel
Translation: Shirley Cuypers